It all started in 2013 when best buds, Dana Morris and Kevin Gosselin, started piecing together what they called, "wallpaper kits," which is an outfit comprised of a shirt and shorts printed with the same pattern. They loved that the kits turned an average party, music festival, or wedding into a themed party every time they wore one, so they were always on the hunt for more wallpaper. Frustrated with the fact that they couldn't find any kits that were quality, matched from top to bottom, nor comfortable enough for every type of occasion, they decided to take it upon themselves to make their own. The idea expanded to women’s kits after they realized how awesome it would be to match with their ladies because two is better than one when it comes to the papr.

Welcome to WALLPAPR. We represent all the fun havers out there who don't take life too seriously. We represent those who like to stand out in a crowd in the best possible way. We represent all the brave ones who like to blaze their own trail and try new things.

We represent you. 

We create quality clothing that’s ready to wear for all occasions--for those who are fun enough to try it. New prints are released in limited quantities, so get 'em while the gettin's good. We encourage your feedback on designs as this is our first fashion endeavor and we aim to please. 

Thank you all for your support; we look forward to seeing you sporting your kits around the world!

Tag us in pics with the hashtag, #Wallpaprkit and follow us on FB, Twitter, and Instagram at @Wallpaperkit for the latest updates and print releases!